OffsetHub Printer - CMYKomania Brushes for Procreate

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Brush Set for Procreate from PICSYCO BRUSHES

Elevate your digital illustrations to a whole new level with our set of brushes for Procreate, specifically designed for vintage imitation offset printing. Unlock the charm and character of old-school printing techniques with our imitation offset printing brush set and create stunning vintage-style artwork that will leave a lasting impression.

Our carefully curated set of brushes for Procreate allows you to recreate the authentic look and feel of offset printing right on your digital canvas. With our comics and illustrations offset brushes, you can achieve vibrant and rich tones that are reminiscent of traditional printing methods. Whether you're creating retro posters, vintage illustrations, or comic book art, our brushes will help you achieve that timeless aesthetic.

Multicolor Halftone is a fascinating aspect of printing, especially in CMYK model printing. Back in the days before the 1980s, halftones were more prominent, as the dot sizes were larger, resulting in a distinct vintage charm.

Vintage comics gained their unique appeal through a combination of three or four halftoned color layers. The process of creating the printing effect digitally follows a similar approach, capturing the essence of vintage charm.

Keep in mind that this brush set aims to imitate the vintage offset printing style. It provides a wide range of possibilities beyond the traditional CMY colors, allowing you to explore various color options within the same gamut. Additionally, you can leverage color substrates to simplify achieving your desired colors.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of retro charm to your digital artwork. Download our set of brushes for Procreate and start creating captivating vintage illustrations today. Let your imagination run wild as you embrace the beauty of offset printing in your digital creations. Experience the magic of bygone eras with our imitation offset printing brush set and unlock a world of creative possibilities. Get started now and see your artwork flourish with the authentic vintage aesthetic!


3 Translucent brushes for filling.

3 Ink brushes for contouring.

12 Texture brushes for vintage offset print.

7 Photographs of textured paper to give authenticity to the illustrations.

2 Original illustration from the presentation of the set in Procreate format

2 Original illustration from the presentation of the set in JPG

1 Visual Samples of Combining Brushes on PDF

Illustration drawing process for brush set presentation.

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PROCREATE:ย Ver. 5 or higher, iPad only

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OffsetHub Printer - CMYKomania Brushes for Procreate

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